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What Exactly is Vitiligo?

Around 1% of people living in the United States and around 100 million worldwide are suffering from Vitiligo which is a skin disorder that creates patches of white skin to appear on different parts of the body such as hands, face and feet but also areas like armpits and the genital region.

Both men and women of all races can get Vitiligo but you are more likely to get it if it runs in your family, or if someone has the autoimmune condition like hyperthyroidism. Men that tend to develop grey hair before they reach the age 35 has a higher risk of developing Vitiligo as well.

The spread can either go slowly over a couple of years or very fast in the matter of days.

What Causes Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a malfunction in the pigment producing cells that are responsible for providing the skin its color, but because the melanocytes are destroyed the appearance of white patches will occur.

There are a couple of factors that can destroy these cells but often the exact cause is individually unknown.

Vitiligo might be an autoimmune disease that will trigger the immune system to start attacking the melanocytes in the skin, however Vitiligo might also be a disorder in the melanocytes themselves that will cause skin cells to commit suicide, so to speak, so the white patches will occur.

Studies suggest that sunburn and chronic stress might develop Vitiligo as well.

The Symptoms of Vitiligo

Symptoms of Vitiligo are white patches on the skin, that typically occur on areas that are exposed to the sun like hands, feet and face. Vitiligo are also found in areas such as armpits, groin, nostrils and the genital area.

There tend to be a connection between Vitiligo and early graying of the hair.

What is the Diagnosis of Vitiligo?

Besides the white patches on the skin there are a couple of other factors that confirms the diagnosis. One include genetics, where a parent has Vitiligo, maybe because of autoimmune diseases are running in the family. Another include whether the patient has experienced the occurrence of grey hair before the age of 35.

Normally a biopsy or blood test can be used to make the exact diagnosis and leave other medical conditions.

How to Treat Vitiligo?

Cures and treatment of Vitiligo is a highly researched and changin area and the exact treatment will depend on the exact condition of the involved areas.

Treatment and cures are unfortunately also depending on how much the patient are willing to pay and can afford, because these types of treatments can be very expensive.

In addition it is important to mention that some of the most specialized treatments are not always as effective and the patient might risk a lot of unwanted side effects as well.

Steroid and Immunomodulator Therapy

One of the most widely used treatment options is the steroid therapy often combined with the immunomodulator treatment. Unfortunately due to a high risk of side effects and hormonal changes these types of treatments can only be used short term and with no guarantee that the treatment will be effective, which often is not the case.

Ultraviolet Light Combined with Medication

Another option is ultraviolet light and medication that involves visits on a specialized clinic every 2 or 3 weeks for a couple of months.

This type of treatment also have a high price tag and again there are no guarantees that the treatment will be effective.

Using this ultraviolet light treatment might cause harm to your eyes and put you in the risk of getting skin cancer just to mention a few of the possible side effects.

Surgical Skin Grafting

Surgical skin grafting is another option that can be used but here the patient need to think twice because it might cause skin trauma that can end up aggravating Vitiligo even more.

The All Natural Way to Treat Vitiligo

Back in the 80ties medical researchers reported that they cured Vitiligo patients using herbal extracts combined with a high dose of vitamins.

In the 90ties a group of Swedish doctors reported that they had been able to cure people with Vitiligo using a high dose of vitamins combined with herbal extracts in as little as 3 weeks.

Unfortunately today all natural herbal and vitamin treatments, and all the positive reports are hidden for the public and the science community itself for the simple reason that treatment of Vitiligo is big business and generates a huge revenue for the involved pharmaceutical and medical industry.

With 1% of the American population and more than 100 million people worldwide suffering from Vitiligo there are simply much more money to be made for doctors offering expensive steroidal therapy that last a couple of months compared to a herbal and vitamin therapy only lasting for a couple of weeks.

Because of the development young doctors coming out on this field may never know about the all natural alternative because the research on this area has been removed.

Get Started with Your Own Vitiligo Treatment and Cure

It is a fact that Vitiligo can be treated naturally with no side effects involved, at a very cheap price in just a few weeks.

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